If you are as compulsive to details as we are, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t believe in molds or standards, everything we produce is customized to match you and your clients needs. Need a photograph that is the same exact width as the dining room table, or how about a wood frame that matches the color of the furniture in the room…we’ve got you covered. Just want a single large print, or maybe a diptych, or even a triptych…we can do that for you as well. Maybe you and your client are deciding between a couple of different pieces for that special wall, just upload to us a photo of the space, and we will build you a private gallery where you can view, leave notes, download, and print the proofs.

The fine art prints by renowned international award winning photographer Benjamin Edelstein are broken down into three categories based on shape: horizontal, vertical, and panoramic. The imagery consists of some of the most remote locations with bright and vivid colors that help transform any room. You can see the photographs under the section labeled Collection. Take a look at the section labeled Saved Walls to see some samples of the walls and rooms that have been saved by Benjamin’s photographs.

The photo paper that is used is of the highest standard in the industry, and is unique as the photograph will appear to change as the lighting within the room varies. The print and framing methods that are used are of archival quality, so you nor your client have anything to be concerned with. All of the work is of a limited edition numbered series. They are packaged and secured with the utmost caution, and are available for shipping worldwide.